Housekeeping, grounds staff, wait staff

Housekeeping, grounds staff, wait staff

Информация Описание
Щат Hampton Beach, NH
Квартира 80$ / week
Часове седмично 40-50 overtime available
Заплащане на час 13.50 $ / h
Работни места 2 свободни от общо 2 позиции
Допълнителна Информация Daily duties: Welcome to the “Oldest Summer Resort in America”. This charming boutique inn and function facility is looking for two charming energetic employees that will cater to our guests. The duties will include house keeping, guests services, food preparation, food service, banquet service and more. Our small, tight knit team will embrace you as part of our family. You will become a very important part of our professional staff as we treat out guests to first class service. Housing is conveniently located on an adjacent property. Within walking distance to downtown, the apartment is self contained with a full bath and kitchen. Come be a part of our team and enjoy this beautiful resort community in the heart of the lakes region of New England.

Additional information: This is a beautiful summer resort community, museums, boating, lake life etc…
Accommodation: $80.00 per student per week, 2 people per room

Accommodation: 100 feet from worksite

Food: some meals included occasionally

Transportation: Bicycles available to staff